Dear Guests,

Cape Cod’s coastal environment is a sensitive ecosystem constantly under strain from visitors and residents alike. Thousands flock to our beautiful beaches and parks every summer. Think of all those air conditioners, towels, plastic bottles, paper products and, of course, cars! The Surfcomber alone, one of the smaller resorts in the area, produces four dumpsters full of trash a week. That’s a lot of waste.

Here at the Surfcomber we believe everyone needs to take individual responsibility in order to keep Cape Cod the beautiful place we love to come back to year after year. Over the past twelve months, we have made many changes in purchasing and in daily practice in order to reduce our impact on the eco-system. No matter what we commit to doing, it is ultimately up to you, our guests, how much of a difference we can make.

Here is what we have done

  • Towel Program – Towel on the bar means, “we’ll use it again,” towel on the floor “please exchange.”
  • Recycling bins are now in all guest rooms for glass, plastic, small metals, newspaper and cardboard.
  • Energy efficient water heating system and EPA approved appliances.
  • Low-flow water saver toilets.
  • Daily beach trash pick-up.
  • New florescent energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Housekeeping change-over to biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Organic free-trade coffee in our office.

Here is how you can help

  • Make sure all your windows are closed when the air conditioning is on
  • Turn the air conditioning off or on low when you leave your room
  • Turn off the lights and television when you leave the room
  • Use the recycle bins we have provided for newspapers, glass, plastic, and metal
  • Participate in the “Towel Program”- A towel on the rack means: “I’ll use it again.” A towel on the floor means: “Please exchange.”
  • We do regularly schedule linen changes. Let housekeeping or the front desk know that you don’t need linen changes during your stay or less often.
  • Be aware of your water consumption
  • On the beach, be careful not to leave any trash

Our pledge for the future

  • When replacing windows and appliances to use high efficiency energy star qualified models.
  • To use organic yard and flower products whenever possible.
  • To continuously educate ourselves and implement new environmental products and services.

We at the Surfcomber are excited about the new changes we are undertaking to become more environmentally conscious. It is our goal to continue to improve our eco-standings. As hard as we try, it is really up to you, our guests, to reduce our environmental impact.